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Staff Directory

Office Staff

Office Staff Email Title
Julie Ebertjulie.jpeg Principal
Maria Gauthier Attendance Secretary /Registrar 
Mallorie Brooks Secretary


Teacher Directory

Nicole Goldfield  Goldfield.jpg Transitional Kinder
Sarah HannaleckHannaleck.jpg Transitional Kinder
Laurie PonosPonos.jpg Kindergarten
Michele SanguinettiSango.jpg Kindergarten
Megan PratherPrather.jpg Kindergarten
Elizabeth (Boyd) Rose Rose.jpg Kindergarten
Peggy BenjaminBenjamin.jpg 1st Grade
Natalie Serigstad 1st Grade
Julie Ross 1st Grade
Kelly Shulman 1st Grade
Michelle Smart 1st Grade
Yasmine Decleve 2nd Grade
Jacqui Weiss 2nd Grade
Jessica Bretzing 2nd Grade
Lisa Wilmoth 2nd Grade
Katie English 3rd Grade
Katie Blue 3rd Grade
Julie Pierce 3rd Grade
Dirk Andrew 3rd Grade
Jane Hoffman 4th Grade
Karen Abraham 4th Grade
Hannah Walsh 4th Grade
Angelique Bright 5th Grade
Devin Lawton 5th Grade
Mary Dettle 5th Grade
Amy Lauta SDC
Linda Wahler Resource
Amber Julien SDC